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Guarding Amelia 

Amelia Maddigan, owner/operator of Guardian Investigations, is hired to find and stop the person threatening her famous cosplayer friend during a popular comic con. Costumes, bad sushi, and ‘80’s karaoke are nothing compared to being forced to work with the company she left behind—and her old flame—the man who betrayed her.

Ben Constantine is on the fast track to promotion at the LA branch of ARC Angel Protection. An out-of-town job helping secure a convention center is all that stands in his way. Piece of cake…until he comes face to face with the local PI he’s supposed to assist—the woman who stole his heart then crushed it, two years ago.

The close proximity rekindles their spark, and soon they give into their attraction. But chemistry isn’t the only thing to resurface as they face old feelings and resurrected hurts. Amelia isn’t sure she can trust the man who once stole her case for glory, and Ben isn’t sure it’s wise to open up to a woman who doesn’t trust him.

But when Amelia goes missing, Ben realizes she’s worth fighting for and he’ll do whatever it takes to find and save the woman he loves.

Chasing Lizzie 
Chasing Lizzie 1800x2700.jpg

Leaving the Army behind, Chase McConnell works for a fellow military buddy at ARC Angel Protection. When strange notes start to arrive at the New York office, and one mentions him by name, he’s sent there to work a case. But he arrives to find the note isn’t the only thing he has to confront when he comes face to face with his estranged childhood best friend…and his biggest regret—his friend’s kid sister, Lizzie—the woman he scorned almost a decade ago.

Thanks to traumatic high school experience involving her brother’s best friend, Lizzie Foster has been battling self-esteem issues and anxiety for years but living in a bubble isn’t living and she’s ready to move forward and make a difference. When a new job opportunity arises at her brother’s workplace, Lizzie eagerly accepts the position. Too bad her brother neglected to mention her partner for her first case is the guy who broke her heart and stole her self-worth.

Their only hope in solving the case lies in their ability to face their past to work together as a team. Confusing notes, lack of leads, and a strong attraction top their list of challenges.

Now the chase is on to convince Lizzie he's sorry for his juvenile actions of the past. But when she turns up missing, he vows to find the woman he loves so he can spend the rest of his life showing her just how much she means to him.

Protecting Penelope 
Protecting Penelope_ 1800x2700.jpg

Coming soon, a new release for the ARC Angel Protection Series! Penelope Blake is a world famous cosplayer with a quick wit, charming personality, and uncanny ability to find herself in danger. When she witnesses a murder, she calls the only person on the East Coast she can rely on to help her. But when he's unable to take her case, Levi Foster steps in to protect the girl he developed a crush on. Is this really just a crush, or is this a love story in the making? With her life on the line, they might not have enough time to find out.

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