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Jestina Michaels

Author, Cosplayer, & Geeky Content Enthusiast


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Protecting Penelope 



Jestina Michaels is a long time book lover who happened to grow up with an author as a mother and military man as a father. Born & raised in NEPA with her three older brothers and no sisters, Jestina has always been more of a "tomboy."  

Jestina is a cat mom to her son, Franco, and she loves all things geeky. In her free time, you'll find her playing video games, cosplaying with Team Ashen Phoenix, and maybe even playing a little D&D. 

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News & Events

March 18th to the 22nd in Nashville, TN. Hope to see you there!

News and Events


For all cosplay content, check out @teamashen or @jestina_keys on Instagram & Facebook.

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