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Jestina Michaels

Author, Cosplayer, & Geeky Content Enthusiast

Coming Soon

Book 1 of her new fantasy series...


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Coming Soon
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Protecting Penelope 
Saving Lauri



Jestina Michaels is a long time book lover who happened to grow up with an author as a mother and military man as a father. Born & raised in NEPA with her three older brothers and no sisters, Jestina has always been more of a "tomboy."  

Jestina is a cat mom to her son, Franco, and she loves all things geeky. In her free time, you'll find her playing video games, co-hosting Campfire Ashes Podcast, cosplaying with Team Ashen Phoenix, and maybe even playing a little D&D. 

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June 1st to the 4th in Houston, TX. Hope to see you there!

News and Events


For all cosplay content, check out @teamashen or @jestina_keys on Instagram & Facebook

To listen to the latest episode of Campfire Ashes Podcast, click here, or check out our socials (@campfireashespod) 

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